What Love Is and Is Not

What Love Is and Is Not

People often confuse love with no limits,
so let me clarify.

Being patient does not mean I am inviting continued attack.
It means I am creating opportunity for improvement.

Being kind does not mean I am a fool.
It means I am trying to motivate someone to do a little better.

Going the second mile does not mean I have nothing else to do.
It means I care enough to come alongside
a bit longer to create time for healing.

Biting my tongue does not mean I have no cause to speak.
It means I am waiting for someone to be able to hear.

Putting someone else’s interests before my own
does not mean I believe I don’t matter.
It means I have chosen to invest the margin in my life
with someone with little or none.

Any behavior, however, ceases to be loving,
when it ceases to move us toward being more like Christ.

When mercy feeds the monster in another’s soul,
justice must be allowed to do its work.004

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