Ken Hughes

Shortly after I had surgery to remove a  brain tumor in 2009, I received a call from Ken Hughes, an acquaintance from an online dog breeder and exhibitor  forum.  He reached out to a relative stranger in order to extend words of encouragement in what he was certain was a frightening ordeal. Ironically, Ken instead became a witness to a personal miracle. I, a type A personality that  normally got stressed at things as simple as missing an exit on the highway, had experienced no fear during the sudden diagnosis and operation. God had given me a gift of peace that made no sense in this everyday world and  was certainly  none of my doing.

This baffled Ken. Death was something fraught with grief and torment for him. His life had been marked by significant loss and tragedy that often made no sense to him. And so began a five-year  friendship laced with long conversations, a relocation, the launch of a new business, and most important a re-dedication of his life to Christ.

In spring of 2014, Ken was diagnosed with lung cancer. Not surprisingly, it rocked his world and that of every person close to him. The Lord transferred  Ken after a hard battle out of this world into the next– one filled with relief, reward, and resolution.

One of the legacies Ken left, however, was a huge collection of quotes, sayings, and sightings that had spoken to him during his journey of transformation. Before he passed away, Ken gave me his photos and access to his collection. I want  to share them here to pay forward the time and effort he invested in creating and gathering these items. Perhaps they will speak to you  as well.

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